Ramsar Convention

Title: The Ramsar Convention

Category: International Treaty

Date: 1971

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General Description:

This convention produced an intergovernmental treaty to stop the progressive decline of global wetlands via activities such as development and agricultural improvements. The agreement was signed in Ramsar, Iran and provides a framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources. There are currently 113 signatories, each being required to identify and list all wetlands of international importance using agreed criteria. Within these sites, signatories are asked to promote conservation, establish nature reserves and inform the secretariat of changes in status. There are around 950 wetland sites listed to date totalling 70.3 million hectares. Around 60 sites have so far been designated in the UK with their conservation being promoted via the SSSI designation.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Wetlands, Biodiversity, Special Environmental Sites

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