Clean Air Act 1968

Applies to the whole UK

Title: Clean Air Act

Category: UK Law

Date: 1968

Reference: * [Full text not available]

General Description:This Act makes it an offence to emit dark smoke from a chimney, unless due to a cold start and the smoke clears when hot, due to unforeseen failure or use of an unsuitable fuel, where no suitable fuel is available and the fuel used was considered the least unsuitable. Dark smoke is defined as smoke darker than shade 2 on the Ringelmann chart.

The Act empowers the minister to define limits for emissions of grit and dust from furnaces and it defines requirements for arrestment plant to be fitted to new furnaces. Regulations provide a framework for control of the height and position of chimneys. The Act allows the Minister to create smoke control areas and introduce controls on the acquisition and sale of unauthorised fuel in such areas.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Agricultural Pollution, Air Pollution

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