Biodiversity Convention

Title: The Biodiversity Convention

Category: International Treaty

Date: 1994

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General Description:

This convention produced an intergovernmental treaty to stem losses of biodiversity at the global level by placing obligations on signatory states to protect their biological resources and to ensure sustainability. This treaty was signed by 150 heads of state at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and was ratified in the UK in 1994.

The UK Action Plan on Biodiversity has been published by the UK Government acknowledging its obligations under this agreement. The major UK objective is to conserve and where ever possible enhance the quality and range of habitats in the UK. Under the terms of the treaty the Government must set costed targets for key species and habitats. A Biodiversity Action Plan Steering Group has been established to implement the Action Plan and positive action will be taken to protect 116 species and 14 habitats with additional species and habitats being added in the near future.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Biodiversity, Special Environmental Sites, Biodiversity Action Plans

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