Protection of Badgers Act

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Title: The Protection of Badgers Act

Category: England, Wales and Scotland - Law

Date: 1992

Reference: Chapter 51 (ISBN 0 10 545192 4) [Full text]

General Description:

This Act seeks to consolidate, improve and re-enact previous legislation. It makes it an offence to kill injure or take a badger from the wild. It is also an offence to damage or interfere with a sett unless a licence is obtained from a statutory authority.

More specifically the listed offences are:

  • Taking, injuring or killing badgers
  • Cruelty to badgers
  • Interfering with badgers setts
  • Selling and possession of live badgers
  • Marking and ringing.

This legislation also lays out specific exclusions, the powers of the Police Force, penalties and forfeiture and powers of the courts.

See also: Forestry Commission leaflet: Forest Operations and Badger Setts, Annex A

Pertinence to Agriculture: Badgers, Wildlife, Habitats

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