Protection of Animals Act

Applies to the whole UK

Title: The Protection of Animals Act

Category: UK Law

Date: 1911 (amended 2000)

Reference: * [Full text not available]

General Description:

This is the main statute relating to the protection of any captive animal - farm livestock, zoo animals and domestic pets. The main offence is cruelty including:

  • beating, kicking, ill-treating, over-riding, over-working, torturing or frightening any captive animal:
  • causing unnecessary suffering by doing or omitting to do any act;
  • conveying or carrying any animal in a manner which may cause unnecessary suffering;
  • performing any operation without due care and humanity;
  • allowing the fighting or baiting of any animal or the use of any premises for such acts;
  • administering any poison, injurous drug or other substance to any animal.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Animals, Wildlife, Habitats

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