Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks (PPG2)

11. Mobile bowsers

Mobile bowsers are oil storage containers that can dispense oil and are designed to be moved, either being towed or lifted onto another vehicle, but which can't move under their own power. As well as the requirements for the storage container (Section 5) and secondary containment (Section 5c) above, the following apply to mobile bowsers:

  • Any flexible pipe, tap or valve must be fitted with a lock where it leaves the container and be locked shut when not in use; We recommend you use a nozzle designed to dispense oil;
  • Flexible delivery pipes must be fitted with manually operated pumps or a valve at the delivery end that closes automatically when not in use.
  • The pump or valve must have a lock and be locked shut when not in use.

More detailed information is also available in References 6 and 7.

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