Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks (PPG2)

9. Check legal compliance for your existing tanks

There may be legal requirements that your existing tank (including home heating tanks) need to comply with for the OSR England, OSR Scotland or Building Regulations. The checklist in Appendix A will help you check your tank for most OSR England and OSR Scotland requirements.

a) Secondary containment capacity
Make sure your secondary containment has the capacity to take at least 110% of the volume your oil tank can hold.

For integrally bunded tanks, you can contact the tank manufacturer with the model of your tank; this information should be on your tank somewhere. They should be able to confirm the secondary containment capacity.

For single or double skinned tanks within a constructed secondary containment system, you can calculate the bund volume yourself. You can take account of any volume taken up by tank supports within the bund and consider the volume taken up by any of the primary tank, pipework or pumps. Advice on calculating bund capacity is given in Appendix B.

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