LERAPS Guide - Horizontal Boom Sprayers (PB5621)

Can you Apply a LERAP to your Chosen Pesticide Product?

  • YES
  • if the pesticide carries a buffer zone requirement AND the products label clearly states that the product qualifies for inclusion in the LERAP scheme (i.e. classified by PSD as a category B product). In this case you can choose between applying the full buffer zone on the label OR reducing it by following the LERAP process.
  • NO if the Precautions section of the label says DO NOT ALLOW DIRECT SPRAY" to fall within certain distances of surface waters or ditches, AND that the product is NOT ELIGIBLE FOR BUFFER ZONE REDUCTION UNDER THELERAP SCHEME (i.e. classified by PSD as a category A product)

NB: if you are using a pesticide that does not carry a buffer zone restriction, there are no LERAP requirements.

You can find details of the products that fall into categories A or B on the PSD website. Your agronomist or chemicals supplier should also be able to tell you whether a product is category A or B. The product label will indicate this by the phrases quoted under No and Yes paragraphs above.

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