Laying Hens: Feather Pecking & Cannibalism (PB10596)

Further Advice and Information on Animal Welfare

For advice on all veterinary and welfare matters, contact your private veterinary surgeon. General advice on welfare matters can be obtained from:

  • The State Veterinary Service (Local Animal Heath Office address and telephone number in your local telephone directory).
  • Defra operate a comprehensive web site with links to the animal welfare, publications and Farm Animal Welfare Council pages at


Defra produce a number of publications on animal welfare which are free of charge, unless otherwise stated, from Defra Publications, Admail 6000, London, SW1A 2XX, (telephone 0845 955 6000, or via the Defra website

Relevant publications include:


This booklet was written by the ADAS Poultry Group with valuable contributions from Trevor Bray, John Widdowson and Darrell Smith. Contributions from members of the Beak Trimming Action Group are also gratefully acknowledged.

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